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Health care issues: US costs vs. other countries

Posted in News by Larsen Rogers on September 14, 2009

AP Headlines: Health care issues: US costs vs. other countries

I couldn’t say it better myself.

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Conservative Hatroits Ambush Peaceful Assembly of Public Option Advocates

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on September 4, 2009

At 7:00 PM near 21st and Yorktown on Septemeber 2, 2009 in Tulsa, Oklahoma the Hatroits arrived early to display their Hatroitism and Bully-ism towards a civil and peacefully assembled Health-care Reform candlelight vigil.

The purpose of the vigil, scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM was so those individuals who have suffered and been mistreated by the currently incompetent and greed driven medical insurance system in America could vocalize their stories and opinions.

The Hatroits, promoted by the well-funded Glenn Beck, Fox News, and other Anti-American Conservatives arrived to ambush three of the four street corners. Before the vigil participants even arrived the insults and degradations began to fly.

“You are socialists,” the Hatroits yelled as the Americans began to assemble on the only street corner left. “Where’s your flag?” The Hatroits hollered as they held up American flags in contempt for the symbol of Freedom and Liberty.

Many signs appeared with insulting remarks towards the American President Barack Obama. The Hatroits accused Obama and the American Government of Dictatorship, Socialism, and Marxism.

A few Hatroits made their way to the American side to insult and verbal confront up close. Like the mindless zombie German soldiers of World War II these Hatroits followed their marching orders from the evil dominion of Conservative fascists who have an unconfirmed association with the Klu Klux Klan and the North American Nazi Party.

While honest, patriotic Americans attempted to tell their horror stories of denied benefits, denied surgeries, and rising costs of medical insurance Hatroits rallied and surrounded to display contempt for Americans and screamed to drown out the voices of the American people.

Many signs brought to the rally were professional printed signs, which were most likely provided by the local Tulsa-Occupying Nine-Twelvers who are financed by lead Nazi-sympathizer Glenn Beck.

What are these America haters trying to say? Defend the Constitution against what? American practicing their right to peacefully assembly. Notice how nice and pretty this sign is. Is is possible that Glenn Beck or others at Fox News print these signs for their minions?

Another Hatroit sign demanding that their God of Hatred and Fear-Mongering be worshiped.

If this people hate America this much, why don’t they leave? Comparing Obama to a Dictator, Socialist, Marxist like George W. Bush is un-American and anti-patriotic.

When have the Hatroits ever been Silent? It would be nice if they would be silent. Maybe the real Americans could get some work done.

Look at the contempt these Hatroits have for the American symbol of Liberty and Freedom.

Many individuals wore these Hatroits uniforms provided from the Nazi-focused organization known at Nine-Twelve which was started by the whitest of the white supremacists leaders Mr. Glenn Beck.

The real Americans promoting compassion and care had to make their own signs. No billionaire dollar multi-media Hate machine printed signs for these people. The poor, the weak, the honest, the working had to use what pens, markers, and boards they could salvage. It is a clear case of the people fighting their last breath against the evil of the billionaire hatroits.

The Americans had a clearly focused message. We are tired being beaten down by the Billionaire Money machine who steals from us and then uses that power to steal more from us.