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Evangelical takeover of America

Posted in Religion by Larsen Rogers on April 14, 2010

Video: Evangelical Takeover.

Communists and socialists are bad economists. Some accuse President Obama of being a socialist.

But there is something worse, far worse than socialism moving among us.

They believe in god and guns but they don’t believe in America. They despise human rights and social justice. They oppose “We the people.”

They are the Evangelicals. They register Republican. They vote against your rights. They modify social studies and history books to fit their warped view of the world.

Radical Muslims want to kill us but Evangelicals want to crush the very soul and foundation of the American nation.

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The Authoritarian Faction Abuses Freedom of Speech

Posted in Republicans by Larsen Rogers on September 6, 2009

Being a strong believer in Freedom of Speech, I must admit that my belief has been challenged by the incessant rants of the right-wing nuts. Much of the vile, filth, and lies spread by Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, and Rush Limbaugh has poisoned the minds of the ordinary American.

Ironic, how the Authoritarian faction of the Republican party, whose primary objective is to coerce their ideology on to others, allege that President Barack Obama is planning to coerce his ideology on school children. First of all, the children are not very bright in the first place if a speech, which is most likely less than hour, is going to convert them. Secondly, the myth that the President will attempt to plant a seed of socialism into the minds of the children is utterly idiotic.

The sad is not that these Authoritarian make these false claims but the the fact that people are believing. I was in two debates this week with average persons who have been listening to the TV and radio of Authoritarian talk shows.

So I recognize the danger of these Authoritarians having twenty-four access via TV, Radio, and the Internet to spread their ill will. The danger is that they say so much bogus so often and so quickly there is not time to investigate every false claim they make.

Can America be destroyed with such a large force of bogus reports being propelled like bullets from machine gun? My first reaction is to start yelling back and to practice my freedom of speech. My next reaction to think that I am overreacting to consistent battery of right-wing propaganda.

This is what I do know. The Authoritarians who are calling themselves Conservatives or Libertarians have organized and financed themselves better and faster than the Liberals. They are bold and aggressive. They get up early and they ambush early. They use the Liberal criticisms of the Conservatives to fire back at us.

For example, Liberals have been reporting on the dangers of Right-wing propaganda. Now, the Authoritarians are accusing the Liberals of Leftist propaganda. The Liberals seem to be in a constant self-defense mood because the Authoritarians are so offensive most of the time.

I don’t have an answer. I do not have a solution. I am simply blogging about my concerns. I hear co-workers repeating the falsehoods from Fox News and other sources and I wonder how they could actually believe the bogus. I see the Authoritarian authors like Glenn Beck, Dick Morris, Ann Coulter on book shelves in retail stories and I am amazed that they can actually write. But what worries me is the bogus that innocent people will read and believe.

But perhaps it has always been and will always be this way. I wish that the Authoritarian faction would shut the hell and go up. They make it nearly impossible for legitimate concerns to be addressed. There rants cannot be taken at face value, which I would think is a disadvantage for them. What if they actually have a legitimate concern? They have claimed so much bogus, Liberals like me are not likely to listen.

And what is their goal anyway? I know they, despite their claims, have no desire to protect American values or the Constitution. They want to do what they want to do regardless of the damage it causes. Of course, maybe, I am becoming paranoid. I do know they have no interest, whatsoever, to listen to and openly discuss other ideas. If it is not their idea, they oppose it. Then they rationalize their reason for opposing.

Finally, their abuse of our American right to Freedom of Speech, sickens me. I’m confident that the Founding Fathers did not intend for that freedom to be so blatantly and flagrantly abused. It is clear that the Authoritarians, who need to shut up, want their opponents, the American people, to shut it.