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Michael Bates is an Informed Republican

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 11, 2009

Michael Bates is an embarrassment to the Republican party asserts a user identified as DCtransplant on the TulsaNow Forum.

Michael Bates is a news and political journalist for local newspapers in Tulsa, Oklahoma who also owns and operates a blog at Michael Bates has also been a news commentator on a local radio station.

I respect Michael Bates because I like to read Conservative as well as Liberal blogs. I admit that I am a Liberal Democrat. Anyone who reviews my blog knows this. Michael Bates has one of the few Conservative Republican blogs that I can read and enjoy because it has substance.

While I disagree with many of his political beliefs, I admire his clear and concise writing, which helps me to understand why he has Conservative beliefs. Most Conservative blogs are full of rants and raves against the people in which they disagree and dislike.

During the recent Mayoral Primaries for the City of Tulsa, Michael Bates wrote some articles regarding disappointments with Republican candidate Dewey Bartlett, Jr. Michael Bates was supporting Republican Chris Medlock. Then the infamous forum post asserting, “Michael Bates is an embarrassment to the Republican party” appeared on September 8, 2009 in the TulsaNow Forum.

I do not know who DCtransplant is but I do know that I appreciate a gentleman like Michael Bates who, although Conservative, does his homework. Michael Bates is like a hound dog that sniffs out every clue needed to make a an informed decision.

If more Republicans were like Michael Bates we would not have the lunacy that we have with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others. Interesting that someone went on an attack of Michael Bates because he researched and provided an informed decision, even though that research included reporting some negative issues on a Republican candidate.

How Republican of DCtransplant. Even in the Conservative world Republicans who are open, honest, and intelligent come under attack as if those virtues were vices.


Anna Falling Fails Mayor Election, Thank God

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 9, 2009

When I first heard that Anna Falling was running for mayor in the city of Tulsa, I almost dropped to my knees to beg the Christian God to not let this happen. I requested of the Christian God to tell me if I was wrong about believing Anna Falling is a Christian Reich nut. The Christian God has not disagreed with me.

I also prayed to Allah, Yahweh, the twinkle little star, and Mickey Mouse just for insurance. I thank all of them for answering my prayer.

Anna Falling, for those of you readers who do not know, wants to erect a creation display at the Tulsa Zoo to honor her Christian God. This is disturbing not because of my Atheism but because of the absolute disregard she has for people of diverse beliefs. Mrs. Falling has every right to erect a creation display on her property or to donate funds to her church to erect a creation display.

The Tulsa Zoo, however, is off limits. It is not a place of worship but a place of education. It is a place for the public, which includes people with diverse religious or secular views. I can guarantee if a Muslim wanted to erect a display honoring Allah, there would be a tremendous uproar from the Christian Reich and from Atheists.

As I researched Anna Falling I became more confident that she would not even get past the primaries. Now that she has not I feel comfortable in writing this post. It is evident to me Anna Falling not only fails to understand her own God, she fails to understand responsibility.

There are pending claims and lawsuits against Anna Falling and her Cornerstone Assistance Network. This alone indicates she does not honor her Christian God nor could she honor the citizens of the City of Tulsa.

Fortunately, the citizens of Tulsa are more concerned with significant issues. Something that cannot be said about Anna Falling who is too self-absorbed with her belief in her God. Although a debate between the intelligent and well-spoken Tom Adelson versus the not so bright Anna Falling would be most entertaining almost like a rerun of Joe Biden debating Sarah Palin, it is great she will not be attending.

Now maybe she will focus on paying off her debts.

It Is Okay to Be A Socialist, But Being A Republican Is Evil

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 7, 2009

I am angry. I am frustrated. I am pissed.

I refuse to accept the resignation of Van Jones.

I am sick of the right wing bashing machine.

The Fundamentalist Republicans are killing the United States of America. They have no interest in what the majority of Americans want. They have no interest in democracy.

Rush Limbaugh was the most dangerous voice from the Conservative side but now even his lunacy has been overshadowed by the newest member of the Klan: Mr. Glenn Beck.

I am so outraged that I want to do everything within my power to strike back and strike hard; within legal and peaceful means. I assure I have no intentions to advocate or participate in violence, but I have serious thoughts about marches, writing letters, boycotting, and calling elected officials.

The reality is that Glenn Beck and others like him are promoting Hatred, Lies, and Distortions.

Their shenigans are turning brother against brother, sister against sister, etc.

I can no longer talk to my folks about politics because they are brainwashed from watching the Fox News Network and they believe the lies. My folks who elderly and retired actually fear being put on the Obama death panel list. I have told then that was a lie and they can go to to read how that lie got started.

they think that is some Liberal website trying to undermine the Conservative cause.

Folks, believe it or, there is a real danger to our country. It is a real danger to our freedoms. We cannot afford to be nice any longer. Bi-partisan is a pretty word and a nice objective but so is World Peace. Neither one of these objectives will occur within our lifetime or the lifetime of our children.

I plan to start attending local organizations that promote positive changes and improvements to our country. I plan to make a list of positive ways I can battle the Conservative Hate Machine. I realize that the Hate Machine is large, well-financed, and merciless but it has to be fought before things get worse.

Some ideas I have are to start a twitter campaign using the #NMR which stands for #No More Republicans. An idea of promoting that Democrats vote only for Democrats and get Republicans out of office. Interestingly, Republicans are trying to get Democrats out of office.

Can we impeach current Republican Senators and Representatives who participate in the Conservative Hate Movement? Michelle Bachmann, for example, has got to go. Fortunately we can support that effort at

I realize that the Liberal movement and the Democratic party has been the calm and cool voice in politics and while I do not suggest we embark on developing lunacy like the Right, I do suggest we become louder and more vocal. We can no longer afford to be on the defensive. We have got to be offensive.

For example, my common defense against people alleging Obama is a Socialist is to assert that he is not. Now my planned response is to be, “As long as Obama is not a Republican, I don’t care what he is.” Or I could say, “As long as he is not a member of the most evil, American hating party, known as the Republicans, I’m not concerned.”

Whatever I decide to do. I know I will signing up with color Of Change and MoveOn.

A Liberal and Conservative Discuss Socialism

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 6, 2009

Conservative: Obama is a Socialist.

Liberal: No, he’s not.

Conservative: Prove he ain’t.

Liberal: Prove he is.

Conservative: His pushing Socialized medicine.

Liberal: No, he’s not. His pushing health-care reform, which we really need because insurance companies are screwing us over.

Conservative: He wants to kill the old people.

Liberal: No, he doesn’t.

Conservative: Yes, he does.

Liberal: No, he doesn’t.

Conservative: Prove it.

Liberal: You prove it.

Conservative: Have you ever asked yourself ‘What if Obama is a Socialist?’

Liberal: Have you ever asked yourself ‘What if Santa Claus is a child rapist?’

Conservative: That’s stupid and un-American.

Liberal: My question is just as meaningless as your’s.

Conservative: But your question is offensive.

Liberal: So is your’s. That’s the point.

Conservative: How could you even ask such a horrible thing about a child loving individual?

Liberal: He’s Catholic.

Conservative: Oh, you are going straight to hell!

Liberal: Think about it. The original St. Nick was a Catholic priest who cared for small children. And Catholic priests are most often caught with their pants down in front of small boys, literally.

Conservative: That’s horrible.

Liberal: The point is that just because you can ask a ‘What if’ question does not make it legitimate.

Conservative: I was just asking you to think about what if Obama is a Socialist?

Liberal: And I’m saying that is a meaningless question. And I offer to you another meaningless question: What if Santa Claus is a child rapist?

Conservative: But that is offensive.

Liberal: So is your question. Anytime some uses a ‘what if’ question to indirectly allege somebody is something bad, it is offensive and wrong.

Conservative: I don’t understand. You’re just babbling. My point is that Obama might very well be a Socialist.

Liberal: And Santa Claus might very will be a child molester.

Conservative: Stop, saying that.

Liberal: Stop saying Obama is a Socialist.

Conservative: But what if he is?

Liberal: He could just as easily be a member of the Klu Klux Klan or some Neo-Nazi Party.

Conservative: Could not?

Liberal: Why not?

Conservative: He’s black.

Liberal: So what? He could be the first African American Klansman.

Conservative: That’s just stupid.

Liberal: So is your ‘what if’ question.

Conservative: You’re an idiot, Liberal Moron, Communist sympathizer.

Liberal: And you Conservatives always start the name calling when you lose a debate.

Conservative: Do not.

Liberal: Do so.

Conservative: Not.

Liberal: So.

Conservative: I didn’t lose.

Liberal: Yes you did.

Conservative: Did not.

Liberal: Did so.

Conservative: Not.

Liberal: So.

Conservative: I fucking won because I love America and you hate it.

Liberal: You hate America. You Nazi pig.

Conservative: Fuck you!

Liberal: No, Fuck you!