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Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 18, 2010
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Climategate and the conservative herd mentality

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on November 26, 2009

Climategate is a new politically correct term coined by James Inhofe (Rep. Sen. OK) who is leading the conservative herd mentality to investigate climate scientists at the Climatic Research Unit in the University of East Angelia.

Emails illegally obtained by an unknown hacker from a server at CRU indicates a perception that scientists at CRU and associated agencies have been hiding, destroying, and modifying data to fit the model of the global warming theory.

The perception is that scientists lied, global warming is a hoax, and we can all go back to burning fossil fuels. James Inhofe, Glenn Beck, et al have been broadcasting the perception that global warming is a hoax created by a unethical group of scientists and politicians to make money off unsuspecting nations, including the United States of America.

The internet, radio, and television has been bombarded with the perception that scientists lied and cooked the global warming science because of this incriminating emails.

The reality is this the emails create a perception, not a reality. The investigation of the scientists has not legally begun but it has been suggested. Doubts about global warming is now rampant.

Many, if not most, people now believe global warming is a hoax because of a perception of bad science without scientific or legal proof that global warming is a hoax.

Ironically these email were made available on various websites shortly before the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Bad timing? Good timing? Or planned, strategic timing?

The global warming deniers don’t have the science to disprove global warming. They only have emails. And millions of people are willing run like a herd of wild geese because conservatives loudly broadcast the perception of a smoking gun, which proves a global warming hoax.

Conservatives Fail to Properly Research the Life of Van Jones

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on September 6, 2009

I admitted on my twitter account that I knew little about Van Jones. Some Conservatives immediately responded and claimed that was the problem with Liberal Morons, they don’t do their research.

My gut reaction is to be offended and rebut with name calling but as I thought about it, I realized that the problem with the current Conservative movement is that They do not do their research. I am constantly bombarded with so much Conservative rants, that I simply do not have the time to do the research.

Yet as I have done in the Van Jones case, and start doing research I find a more comprehensive view of this man, his attitudes, and his accomplishments. I discover that the Conservatives have not and do not provide the whole picture. Based on my research of the Van Jones incident it is a clear cut case of a Conservative attack of a man who stood up to the Fox Propaganda machine.

I wish I had done research on Van Jones before the incident occurred and before he quit. There is nothing I could do about it but offer verbal defense in my conversations with Conservatives.

Briefly this is what I have learned through the research I have done today. First, Van Jones did admit to be a communist according to much of what I have read from both Liberal, Conservative, and Neutral websites.

However, in the context of this man’s life, and his struggles for social justice, his gig as a Communist is neither news worthy nor significant. I admire his honesty for admitting that he tried Communism in the same why other political figures have admitted to their misdeeds. I regret that this admission has caused so much turmoil.

The other thing that frustrates me about Conservatives making a mountain out of this mole hill is their continuous witch hunt for Communists. For one thing, it is not illegal and secondly, it is protected by the United States Constitution for individuals right to liberty.

Does that mean I’m okay with communism? Am I a socialist? No. I disagree with both of those political ideologies.

But this is what I believe and I admit I could be wrong because a working person, I do not have the time to research every single claim the Conservatives are making. Anyway, I believe that the United States of America and the Government has allowed, stood by, and let some bad people screw this country over.

Based on my experiences with the private insurance companies, I am pissed at this people, I am angry with them. I strongly believe that the Health Insurance Companies have raped the American people of their money.
I have been in the workforce for over twenty years now. My monthly insurance payment was $80 a month at my first job. It is now $300 a month. During my time of self-employment it $700 a month.

I am sorry folks but that is ridiculous. If I managed to stay healthy, which currently I am, it is actually cheaper to just pay the doctor visits then it is to pay for the health insurance to cover the cost of the health insurance.

I also witnessed a situation where a friend who needed a recommended twenty-one day treatment was only authorized to attend seven days by the insurance company.

I could go on and on about the horror stories but my point is this: The Health Insurance Companies are evil, and we as a nation need to do everything we can to stop them and punish them for their unethical behavior.

A geek making billion dollars a year selling software is capitalism, which I support. A family that owns a retail store and makes billion of dollars a year is capitalism! A man who makes millions of dollars making a movie about a fairy-tale spoof of Nazi-occupied France, is capitalism!

A man making billions of dollars a year providing insurance and denying coverage in not capitalism. It is wrong! It is an abomination! It is evil! And it is wrong! I think we should prosecute and punish this CEOs at health insurance companies that raped the American people of their money and their health.

Liberals and Conservatives should be united together to fight the Health Insurance companies.

Back to my point: I strongly believe that Conservatives are out to accomplish one thing and one thing only and that is to destroy the Presidency of Barack Hussien Obama. I doubt that they actually believe he is a socialist or Marxist but they are trying their hardest to convince people that he is a socialist and Marxist, because this are bad things.

Once they convince us that Obama believes in bad things then we will think of him as a bad thing. He is not and neither is Van Jones.

I believe that Glenn Beck is a racist who therefore cannot make an objective view of Van Jones or Barack Obama. Glenn Beck accuses these men of being racist towards whites. I disagree. While it is possible that they are blacks who are racist against whites, it is more common for whites to be racists against blacks. Also, whites have had more power to be abusive with their racists attitudes. Van Jones is a human rights advocates who fights against racism, and therefore at times will be in conflict with white people. Read that sentence again and try to follow logic.

White people are more power and effective at being racist does not mean that we are all racist just that some of us are. Van Jones is a black man who fights for human rights. So naturally he will be a black man standing up to white people who are racists. That does not mean he hates white people. I’m white and I stand up against white racist people but I, of course, get called a Liberal instead of racist.

My ranting and raving point is this. A faction of the Consversvatives, like Glenn Beck, are liars, who either do not do their research or they do not provide the whole story. Van Jones has done nothing to harm this country, but has done everything with the resources available to him to make this country better. Also a black man who works to better and improve the black community is not a racist. A man who once signed up with the Communist party as way to find his bearings, but currently regrets having done so, is not a bad person.

Bad is when Conservatives take things out of context and spend hours and hours harping on it.

Okay, my final note: If you are a Conservative and I have offended you, then please for the love of your god, make a comment that has some substance that I can review and investigate for myself! Calling me an “idiot,” “Liberal Moron,” “socialist,” “Marxist,” and my favorite, ‘Nigger loving Jew” does not help your cause. Don’t like what I say then please enlighten me with some your point of view. Demonstrate to me where I fail to see the big picture.

By the way, it is ironic that someone has called me a “Nigger loving Jew” (which was actually on a different blog) because while I was not raised Jewish my grandfather was and although I am a White Boy, I do have a fondness for African American culture.

Conservative Hatroits Ambush Peaceful Assembly of Public Option Advocates

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on September 4, 2009

At 7:00 PM near 21st and Yorktown on Septemeber 2, 2009 in Tulsa, Oklahoma the Hatroits arrived early to display their Hatroitism and Bully-ism towards a civil and peacefully assembled Health-care Reform candlelight vigil.

The purpose of the vigil, scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM was so those individuals who have suffered and been mistreated by the currently incompetent and greed driven medical insurance system in America could vocalize their stories and opinions.

The Hatroits, promoted by the well-funded Glenn Beck, Fox News, and other Anti-American Conservatives arrived to ambush three of the four street corners. Before the vigil participants even arrived the insults and degradations began to fly.

“You are socialists,” the Hatroits yelled as the Americans began to assemble on the only street corner left. “Where’s your flag?” The Hatroits hollered as they held up American flags in contempt for the symbol of Freedom and Liberty.

Many signs appeared with insulting remarks towards the American President Barack Obama. The Hatroits accused Obama and the American Government of Dictatorship, Socialism, and Marxism.

A few Hatroits made their way to the American side to insult and verbal confront up close. Like the mindless zombie German soldiers of World War II these Hatroits followed their marching orders from the evil dominion of Conservative fascists who have an unconfirmed association with the Klu Klux Klan and the North American Nazi Party.

While honest, patriotic Americans attempted to tell their horror stories of denied benefits, denied surgeries, and rising costs of medical insurance Hatroits rallied and surrounded to display contempt for Americans and screamed to drown out the voices of the American people.

Many signs brought to the rally were professional printed signs, which were most likely provided by the local Tulsa-Occupying Nine-Twelvers who are financed by lead Nazi-sympathizer Glenn Beck.

What are these America haters trying to say? Defend the Constitution against what? American practicing their right to peacefully assembly. Notice how nice and pretty this sign is. Is is possible that Glenn Beck or others at Fox News print these signs for their minions?

Another Hatroit sign demanding that their God of Hatred and Fear-Mongering be worshiped.

If this people hate America this much, why don’t they leave? Comparing Obama to a Dictator, Socialist, Marxist like George W. Bush is un-American and anti-patriotic.

When have the Hatroits ever been Silent? It would be nice if they would be silent. Maybe the real Americans could get some work done.

Look at the contempt these Hatroits have for the American symbol of Liberty and Freedom.

Many individuals wore these Hatroits uniforms provided from the Nazi-focused organization known at Nine-Twelve which was started by the whitest of the white supremacists leaders Mr. Glenn Beck.

The real Americans promoting compassion and care had to make their own signs. No billionaire dollar multi-media Hate machine printed signs for these people. The poor, the weak, the honest, the working had to use what pens, markers, and boards they could salvage. It is a clear case of the people fighting their last breath against the evil of the billionaire hatroits.

The Americans had a clearly focused message. We are tired being beaten down by the Billionaire Money machine who steals from us and then uses that power to steal more from us.

Bush Breaks Silence, Goes After Obama In Speech

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on June 20, 2009

The worst President (ever) in American history, George W. Bush, has the audacity to criticize incumbent President Barack Obama. Bush is delusional. Bush should realize that Obama was elected, partly, to fix the mess that Bush made of this country. When will Bush and Cheney be arrested and hauled off to jail for the crimes they committed against this country and the world? Next time Bush gives a speech criticizing the good work of Obama, throw some tea bags at that mofo.
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Porter Goss Op-Ed: Obama Admin Crossed The Line By Releasing Memos

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 26, 2009

The Bush Administration crossed the line when they authorized torture.
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Inhofe: Obama’s Judicial Nominee is a Secret Muslim

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 21, 2009

I am ashamed that James Inhofe is from Oklahoma.
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Inhofe: Obama’s Judicial Nominee is a Secret Muslim

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 21, 2009

I am ashamed that James Inhofe is from Oklahoma. I am embarrassed that in the 2008 election that the majority of Oklahomans actually voted to keep him in office. We had an excellent candidate named Andrew Rice who challenged Inhofe but unfortunately most Oklahomans failed to take the opportunity vote out the arrogance and igorance of Inhofe.

I will write Inhofe since he is the elected official in Oklahoma but I fear that since he has miserably failed in the past to show any sign of intelligence that he will do so in the future.

No, Oklahoma does not want to secede from the Union. Texas is on their own. However, I would be happy for Inhofe to move to Texas.

Final note for Inhofe and other nutjobs like him: It is not a crime to be a Muslim. But your bigotry is highly frowned upon.
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Gingrich Slams Obama Over Chavez Greeting At Summit Of The Americas

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 21, 2009

Is Newt Gingrich serious? Does he believe that a President who invades a foreign nation, tortures prisoners of war, has his own people spied on, runs an economy into the ground, weakens our U.S. military, among other disasters is wiser course of action.

Please Newt run for President in 2012. I would love to see another Obama landslide victory.
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Angels & Demons: It’s A Thriller, Not A Crusade

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 21, 2009

Dear Ron Howard,

I truly appreciate the courage you have to make and defend the movies: The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I believe many directors and producers would shy away from making these type of controversial films. You statement was well written and you make an excellent points.

It is my perception that churches, mosques, and temples as well as other forms of religious organizations like to challenge the views of others but they do not like to be challenged. I strongly believe that all organizations, especially religious ones, need to be challenged. They need to be criticized and they need to be asked tough questions.

I realize that the Dan Brown books and movies are a work of fiction but they present us the opportunity to openly discuss religious issues and that is what this world needs more of. No man or woman and no organization or religion has a direct link to god. We all struggle together to understand the mystery of life. Both science and religion offer us the opportunity to explore and investigate that mystery.

So it is nice for religion to get a little slap of challenge because they deserve it. Unfortunately, it shows the lack of maturity and intelligence for a church representative to react in such a hateful and mean-spirited way. Your works are more inspirational to human life than any religious sermon, so please keep up the good work.
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