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Climategate and the conservative herd mentality

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on November 26, 2009

Climategate is a new politically correct term coined by James Inhofe (Rep. Sen. OK) who is leading the conservative herd mentality to investigate climate scientists at the Climatic Research Unit in the University of East Angelia.

Emails illegally obtained by an unknown hacker from a server at CRU indicates a perception that scientists at CRU and associated agencies have been hiding, destroying, and modifying data to fit the model of the global warming theory.

The perception is that scientists lied, global warming is a hoax, and we can all go back to burning fossil fuels. James Inhofe, Glenn Beck, et al have been broadcasting the perception that global warming is a hoax created by a unethical group of scientists and politicians to make money off unsuspecting nations, including the United States of America.

The internet, radio, and television has been bombarded with the perception that scientists lied and cooked the global warming science because of this incriminating emails.

The reality is this the emails create a perception, not a reality. The investigation of the scientists has not legally begun but it has been suggested. Doubts about global warming is now rampant.

Many, if not most, people now believe global warming is a hoax because of a perception of bad science without scientific or legal proof that global warming is a hoax.

Ironically these email were made available on various websites shortly before the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Bad timing? Good timing? Or planned, strategic timing?

The global warming deniers don’t have the science to disprove global warming. They only have emails. And millions of people are willing run like a herd of wild geese because conservatives loudly broadcast the perception of a smoking gun, which proves a global warming hoax.


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