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Anna Falling Fails Mayor Election, Thank God

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 9, 2009

When I first heard that Anna Falling was running for mayor in the city of Tulsa, I almost dropped to my knees to beg the Christian God to not let this happen. I requested of the Christian God to tell me if I was wrong about believing Anna Falling is a Christian Reich nut. The Christian God has not disagreed with me.

I also prayed to Allah, Yahweh, the twinkle little star, and Mickey Mouse just for insurance. I thank all of them for answering my prayer.

Anna Falling, for those of you readers who do not know, wants to erect a creation display at the Tulsa Zoo to honor her Christian God. This is disturbing not because of my Atheism but because of the absolute disregard she has for people of diverse beliefs. Mrs. Falling has every right to erect a creation display on her property or to donate funds to her church to erect a creation display.

The Tulsa Zoo, however, is off limits. It is not a place of worship but a place of education. It is a place for the public, which includes people with diverse religious or secular views. I can guarantee if a Muslim wanted to erect a display honoring Allah, there would be a tremendous uproar from the Christian Reich and from Atheists.

As I researched Anna Falling I became more confident that she would not even get past the primaries. Now that she has not I feel comfortable in writing this post. It is evident to me Anna Falling not only fails to understand her own God, she fails to understand responsibility.

There are pending claims and lawsuits against Anna Falling and her Cornerstone Assistance Network. This alone indicates she does not honor her Christian God nor could she honor the citizens of the City of Tulsa.

Fortunately, the citizens of Tulsa are more concerned with significant issues. Something that cannot be said about Anna Falling who is too self-absorbed with her belief in her God. Although a debate between the intelligent and well-spoken Tom Adelson versus the not so bright Anna Falling would be most entertaining almost like a rerun of Joe Biden debating Sarah Palin, it is great she will not be attending.

Now maybe she will focus on paying off her debts.


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