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Anti-Gay Group Sends Letter To Colbert Thanking Him For Mocking Them

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 19, 2009

Remember when chocolate ice cream became a threat to vanilla ice cream. It was horrible. The life of luxury and fame to good old fashioned vanilla ice cream was doomed, doomed I say, forever.

But then the fad of chocolate ice cream began to fad. Vanilla and chocolate began to live in harmony. The combined flavor of Vanilla with chocolate swirls became a new favorite.

Then came strawberry flavored ice cream. “Oh, for the love of god, we cannot allow this to happen,” the old fashioned vanilla ice cream protested. “Strawberry! That just ain’t right. It is a danger to our right to ice cream.”

But then strawberry ice cream was accepted by both vanilla and chocolate. They soon lived together in harmony in the same neighborhood and the same nation known as Neapolitan ice cream. (Although vanilla did make the chocolate live next door to the strawberry.)
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