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The “Teabag” Protests Smack of Neo-McCarthyism

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 16, 2009

I have noticed that cons get upset about spending to stimulate the economy but also get upset about decreasing spending for the military. (I realize the military budget actually increased but the cons claim it was decreased). The cons get upset about 95% of Americans getting a tax cut by claiming it is a tax increase.

There are real problems that this country is facing. The cons caused those problems. I fail to understand how the cons can overlook the eight years that President Bush was in office. He along with his con friends practically destroyed this country through incompetence.

Finally, the cons have no right to decide who is or who is not a patriot. The cons have no right to decide what is or is not Un-American. The cons often violate the constitution and are the most anti-American & un-American organization in the world. How do they get away with claiming to be Patriotic Americans while destroying the lives of real Americans?

And shouldn’t we be having a Tea Bag protest against the medical insurance companies that have raped this nation. America pays double the cost of health insurance per capita but gets far less coverage. 47 million uninsured. Why aren’t we all (Libs and Cons) pissed about this? Why aren’t we out there protesting in front of the buildings where these insurance companies are located. (Peacefully protesting).
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