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The Pope is Delusional

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on March 19, 2009

In this age of advanced science and technology there is no need for a Pope with a thirteenth century mindset. Modern humanity has progressed in ethics, morality and healthcare far beyond this outdated mentality.

The previous Pope, John Paul II, appeared to have made an effort to bring the Catholic Church out of the dark ages. The current Pope is determined to drag the Catholic Church back into the dark ages.

Pope Benedict XVI recently asserted, “Condoms aren’t solution to AIDS; they make it worse.” The idiocy of that statement is profound. Condoms are not a 100% effective against AIDS but they are 95% safer than not using a condom. It is a simple concept: “No condom, Know AIDS. Know condom, No AIDS.”

Pope Benedict XVI advocates abstinence only as a solution. Abstinence only is an outdated system than has been tried and failed. The reason we have sex education now is because the abstinence only policy was a miserable failure.

Sex is a part of being human. It is vital that people become educated about this basic human urge. It is also vital that people get the information from people who know what is correct.

No Pope has ever had a direct link to God. No Pope ever will have a direct link to God. This does not mean the Catholic Church has to fold. It just needs to recognize reality and design policies that are in touch with reality.

Many long existing institutions have had to update their policies and attitudes in light of new science and technology. The mentally ill were once thought of as being possessed by the devil. We now know from science that mental illness is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be treated with medication.

Imagine if Pope Benedict XVI advocated that we returned to the outdated treatment of the mentally ill. Masses of people would be taken off meds and chained in small rooms in asylums. There once productive lives would cease to exist because of a person out of touch with reality.  (Ironic I know.)

I strongly advocate not listening to the Pope. He serves no beneficial purpose for making humanity better. His regressive beliefs and morality harm us all. Most importantly he has no right to speak up as if he is an authority on anything other than ignorance. And being celibate what the hell would he know about sex anyway?

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