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Eric Cantor Republican Whip of U.S. House of Representatives

Posted in Republicans by Larsen Rogers on February 18, 2009

Larsen Rogers here to discuss Eric Ivan Cantor (born June 6, 1963).

Eric Cantor is the Republican representative of the Seventh congressional district in Virginia. He is the twenty-third Republican Whip of the United States House of Representatives. A whip is a party enforcers who whip people into shape and make sure they show up for an important vote.

Eric Cantor assumed his office on January 3, 2009. His term completes on January 3, 2011. To learn more about him review his biography at Wikipedia located at:

The Voting Record and Interest Group Ratings on Project Vote Smart indicates that Mr. Cantor disapproves of responsible family planning, sex education and reproductive rights. Mr. Cantor dislikes Arts and Humanities.

He favors business and retail but disfavors consumers. He fails to support Civil and Human Rights. Although he does favor the improvement of libraries and information, he fails to take a supportive stance towards Education.

Mr. Cantor displays a disregard for campaigns that address the issues of falling wages, working people, and the need to re-evaluate our energy dependence. While he does seem to take an interest in developing wind energy he otherwise has a complete disregard for environmental issues.

Mr. Cantor observes the right to bear arms but has no concern for preventing gun violence.

To learn more about his propaganda review his websites at: and

From reviewing the voting records and the interest groups that favor Mr. Cantor I can only conclude that this U.S. Representative is bad for America and bad for Liberty.

Mr. Cantor recently voted against the 2009 Economic Package (H.R. 1). His anti-Liberty and anti-American ideology are bad for this country. Since I do not live in Virginia I can neither vote for or against him but it is concerning that he was recently re-elected.

Liberty Help Us!

Larsen Rogers
Never forget: Liberty Blessed America

So what do you think about that?


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