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Evangelical Takeover

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on April 18, 2010
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Evangelical takeover of America

Posted in Religion by Larsen Rogers on April 14, 2010

Video: Evangelical Takeover.

Communists and socialists are bad economists. Some accuse President Obama of being a socialist.

But there is something worse, far worse than socialism moving among us.

They believe in god and guns but they don’t believe in America. They despise human rights and social justice. They oppose “We the people.”

They are the Evangelicals. They register Republican. They vote against your rights. They modify social studies and history books to fit their warped view of the world.

Radical Muslims want to kill us but Evangelicals want to crush the very soul and foundation of the American nation.

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Climategate and the conservative herd mentality

Posted in Opinion by Larsen Rogers on November 26, 2009

Climategate is a new politically correct term coined by James Inhofe (Rep. Sen. OK) who is leading the conservative herd mentality to investigate climate scientists at the Climatic Research Unit in the University of East Angelia.

Emails illegally obtained by an unknown hacker from a server at CRU indicates a perception that scientists at CRU and associated agencies have been hiding, destroying, and modifying data to fit the model of the global warming theory.

The perception is that scientists lied, global warming is a hoax, and we can all go back to burning fossil fuels. James Inhofe, Glenn Beck, et al have been broadcasting the perception that global warming is a hoax created by a unethical group of scientists and politicians to make money off unsuspecting nations, including the United States of America.

The internet, radio, and television has been bombarded with the perception that scientists lied and cooked the global warming science because of this incriminating emails.

The reality is this the emails create a perception, not a reality. The investigation of the scientists has not legally begun but it has been suggested. Doubts about global warming is now rampant.

Many, if not most, people now believe global warming is a hoax because of a perception of bad science without scientific or legal proof that global warming is a hoax.

Ironically these email were made available on various websites shortly before the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Bad timing? Good timing? Or planned, strategic timing?

The global warming deniers don’t have the science to disprove global warming. They only have emails. And millions of people are willing run like a herd of wild geese because conservatives loudly broadcast the perception of a smoking gun, which proves a global warming hoax.

CNN Ad Hits Back At Fox News: “Fox News: Distorting, Not Reporting” (VIDEO)

Posted in 1 by Larsen Rogers on September 20, 2009

The Networks need to hit harder and more often against Fox News. Fox News lies and pretend to be the only network out there doing good journalistic reporting when all they are really doing is pushing their Authoritarian Agenda. Fox News is the Bully on the playground and it’s time to bloody his nose. I speak figuratively.
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Snubbed By Obama, Fox News’s Chris Wallace Calls White House “Biggest Bunch Of Crybabies I’ve Ever Seen” (VIDEO)

Posted in 1 by Larsen Rogers on September 20, 2009

Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, and Chris Wallace are narcissistic, media bullies, who (figuratively speaking) beat up on President Obama, insult him, degrade him, and then expect him to happily appear on their shows.
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Health care issues: US costs vs. other countries

Posted in News by Larsen Rogers on September 14, 2009
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Prayer at Public High School Football Games

Posted in Religion by Larsen Rogers on September 12, 2009

Football season has begun. Attending the games of my favorite high school, which also happens to be the school my kids attend, is an enjoyable past-time.

Living in the great red state of Oklahoma, prayer happens. It happens a lot. Despite my Atheistic rants and raves on my twitter account and this blog, I am actually easy to get along with out in public. I do not and I have not made a fuss about people praying. I am the only out and open Atheist in my families: biological and in-laws.

So I usually sit or stand quietly at family gatherings while someone says grace before a meal. I offer no objections. The only incident that has occurred was when some distant relative at a family holiday gathering asked me if wanted to say the prayer since I am the eldest child attending Thanksgiving at my parents’ home.

“If you want to say a prayer, then say it. I’m not participating. I’m just observing,” was my response.

“Well I don’t understand,” said this grand Uncle. “Why wouldn’t you participate?”

“Leroy,” my mother hollered. (Leroy is not his real name. I change the names of real people to protect their privacy.) “Don’t worry about it. Just say the prayer.”

My father who disapproves of my non-belief whispered to Mother, “At least’s he’s not gay.”

The point of this is that I am surrounded by prayer, often. So when I attend football games at a public school, I am not offended by a minister offering a prayer. My reason is that I do understand that people have a superstitious belief in prayer as a supernatural insurance to keep their kids safe during a game.

Football is a dangerous sport. My son, although not playing this year, wants to play football next year. I support and approve of his athletic ambitions. But I worry. I never played football myself but I watched my friends play and a few friends throughout my high school years had received some serious injuries.

Nobody died and no one had damage that caused a permanent handicapped. But there were injuries to knees, bones, heads, etc. that required trips to the hospital. So when my son plays I am hoping he will not receive major injuries.

I am well aware that praying to an imaginary friend in the sky does not prevent injuries. And I am also aware that hoping does not prevent injuries. But I do understand that those who are religious feel an extra comfort when a minister prays before a game, hoping that a message to their imaginary friend will encourage that friend to protect the players.

In conclusion, it does not offend me for a minister to prayer at a high school football game. It does not hurt my feelings and it does not change my Atheistic perspective. Some atheists are against prayer at a public high school game. I do object to teachers or principals coercing children to pray in public schools. Children should not be taking a moment of silence nor saying “under god” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

My only catch is that I as an Atheistic parent also has the right to say a few words or to have an Atheistic representative say a few words for me at a football game. If I am going to support the right of the religious to have prayers, than I damn well expect the favor to be returned.

If the religious don’t like it, they can sit or stand quietly. They are not required to participate. I would most likely offer a quote of comfort by Mark Twain, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, or Gene Roddenberry. But the point is that if I want to take a moment to offer some encouraging words before a game then I shall be allowed or no one shall be allowed.

Any thoughts?

Michael Bates is an Informed Republican

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 11, 2009

Michael Bates is an embarrassment to the Republican party asserts a user identified as DCtransplant on the TulsaNow Forum.

Michael Bates is a news and political journalist for local newspapers in Tulsa, Oklahoma who also owns and operates a blog at Michael Bates has also been a news commentator on a local radio station.

I respect Michael Bates because I like to read Conservative as well as Liberal blogs. I admit that I am a Liberal Democrat. Anyone who reviews my blog knows this. Michael Bates has one of the few Conservative Republican blogs that I can read and enjoy because it has substance.

While I disagree with many of his political beliefs, I admire his clear and concise writing, which helps me to understand why he has Conservative beliefs. Most Conservative blogs are full of rants and raves against the people in which they disagree and dislike.

During the recent Mayoral Primaries for the City of Tulsa, Michael Bates wrote some articles regarding disappointments with Republican candidate Dewey Bartlett, Jr. Michael Bates was supporting Republican Chris Medlock. Then the infamous forum post asserting, “Michael Bates is an embarrassment to the Republican party” appeared on September 8, 2009 in the TulsaNow Forum.

I do not know who DCtransplant is but I do know that I appreciate a gentleman like Michael Bates who, although Conservative, does his homework. Michael Bates is like a hound dog that sniffs out every clue needed to make a an informed decision.

If more Republicans were like Michael Bates we would not have the lunacy that we have with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others. Interesting that someone went on an attack of Michael Bates because he researched and provided an informed decision, even though that research included reporting some negative issues on a Republican candidate.

How Republican of DCtransplant. Even in the Conservative world Republicans who are open, honest, and intelligent come under attack as if those virtues were vices.

Anna Falling Fails Mayor Election, Thank God

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 9, 2009

When I first heard that Anna Falling was running for mayor in the city of Tulsa, I almost dropped to my knees to beg the Christian God to not let this happen. I requested of the Christian God to tell me if I was wrong about believing Anna Falling is a Christian Reich nut. The Christian God has not disagreed with me.

I also prayed to Allah, Yahweh, the twinkle little star, and Mickey Mouse just for insurance. I thank all of them for answering my prayer.

Anna Falling, for those of you readers who do not know, wants to erect a creation display at the Tulsa Zoo to honor her Christian God. This is disturbing not because of my Atheism but because of the absolute disregard she has for people of diverse beliefs. Mrs. Falling has every right to erect a creation display on her property or to donate funds to her church to erect a creation display.

The Tulsa Zoo, however, is off limits. It is not a place of worship but a place of education. It is a place for the public, which includes people with diverse religious or secular views. I can guarantee if a Muslim wanted to erect a display honoring Allah, there would be a tremendous uproar from the Christian Reich and from Atheists.

As I researched Anna Falling I became more confident that she would not even get past the primaries. Now that she has not I feel comfortable in writing this post. It is evident to me Anna Falling not only fails to understand her own God, she fails to understand responsibility.

There are pending claims and lawsuits against Anna Falling and her Cornerstone Assistance Network. This alone indicates she does not honor her Christian God nor could she honor the citizens of the City of Tulsa.

Fortunately, the citizens of Tulsa are more concerned with significant issues. Something that cannot be said about Anna Falling who is too self-absorbed with her belief in her God. Although a debate between the intelligent and well-spoken Tom Adelson versus the not so bright Anna Falling would be most entertaining almost like a rerun of Joe Biden debating Sarah Palin, it is great she will not be attending.

Now maybe she will focus on paying off her debts.

It Is Okay to Be A Socialist, But Being A Republican Is Evil

Posted in Politics by Larsen Rogers on September 7, 2009

I am angry. I am frustrated. I am pissed.

I refuse to accept the resignation of Van Jones.

I am sick of the right wing bashing machine.

The Fundamentalist Republicans are killing the United States of America. They have no interest in what the majority of Americans want. They have no interest in democracy.

Rush Limbaugh was the most dangerous voice from the Conservative side but now even his lunacy has been overshadowed by the newest member of the Klan: Mr. Glenn Beck.

I am so outraged that I want to do everything within my power to strike back and strike hard; within legal and peaceful means. I assure I have no intentions to advocate or participate in violence, but I have serious thoughts about marches, writing letters, boycotting, and calling elected officials.

The reality is that Glenn Beck and others like him are promoting Hatred, Lies, and Distortions.

Their shenigans are turning brother against brother, sister against sister, etc.

I can no longer talk to my folks about politics because they are brainwashed from watching the Fox News Network and they believe the lies. My folks who elderly and retired actually fear being put on the Obama death panel list. I have told then that was a lie and they can go to to read how that lie got started.

they think that is some Liberal website trying to undermine the Conservative cause.

Folks, believe it or, there is a real danger to our country. It is a real danger to our freedoms. We cannot afford to be nice any longer. Bi-partisan is a pretty word and a nice objective but so is World Peace. Neither one of these objectives will occur within our lifetime or the lifetime of our children.

I plan to start attending local organizations that promote positive changes and improvements to our country. I plan to make a list of positive ways I can battle the Conservative Hate Machine. I realize that the Hate Machine is large, well-financed, and merciless but it has to be fought before things get worse.

Some ideas I have are to start a twitter campaign using the #NMR which stands for #No More Republicans. An idea of promoting that Democrats vote only for Democrats and get Republicans out of office. Interestingly, Republicans are trying to get Democrats out of office.

Can we impeach current Republican Senators and Representatives who participate in the Conservative Hate Movement? Michelle Bachmann, for example, has got to go. Fortunately we can support that effort at

I realize that the Liberal movement and the Democratic party has been the calm and cool voice in politics and while I do not suggest we embark on developing lunacy like the Right, I do suggest we become louder and more vocal. We can no longer afford to be on the defensive. We have got to be offensive.

For example, my common defense against people alleging Obama is a Socialist is to assert that he is not. Now my planned response is to be, “As long as Obama is not a Republican, I don’t care what he is.” Or I could say, “As long as he is not a member of the most evil, American hating party, known as the Republicans, I’m not concerned.”

Whatever I decide to do. I know I will signing up with color Of Change and MoveOn.